Data Sheets
Specifications for electrical devices, equipment, and software

(Primarily for use in EGR 262 and EGR 270)
Tidewater Community College Engineering Program
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Specification Sheets
Specification sheets are in pdf format unless otherwise noted. A few are also provided in Word format so that you can use them (copy and paste) in circuit diagrams.

Electrical Parts:

Button Switch - BTS-1102B-2 or similar

GNS-3011 Common-anode 7-segment display
GAL 22V10 24 pin Programmable Logic Device (PLD)
7400 Quad 2-input NAND

74HC00 Quald 2-input NAND
7401 Quad 2-input NAND (open-collector)

74LS04 Quad Hex Inverter
7406/7416 Hex Invertor (open-collector)
7447A BCD-to-7 segment decoder/driver (common anode)

7476 Dual JK flip-flop
74151 8x1 multiplexer (MUX)

74153 Dual 4x1 multiplexer (MUX)
74155/74156 3x8 decoder

74191 4-bit UP/DOWN counter

74HC595 Shift-register
555 Timer Timer circuit (clock generator, one shot)

LM7805 5V regulator (1A max)

LM7812T 12V regulator (1A max)

LM317T Variable (1.2 37V) voltage regulator (1.5A max)

LMC660 CMOS quad op amp/comparator

1N4001 general purpose diode

1N4742 12V Zener diode

2N4401 npn general purpose Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT)

4016 Quad bilateral switch

ULN2003AN High voltage Darlington transistor array

LSD3221 7-segment display (common anode)

Pinouts (Word format)
Pinouts (PDF format)

Equipment or software:
How to Solder
ChipMax Programmer Instructions

Quine McCluskey Program (exe file)

Download Data Sheets from the Internet
Capturing Oscilloscope Images with Wavestar

MicroLoad (instructions for downloader to MicroStamp11)

Agilent 34401A Multimeter

ICC11 C-compiler specifications

PS 280 DC Power Supply

MicroStamp11 Data Sheet

SK-10 Breadboard (Word)

SK-10 Breadboard (pdf)

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