ORCAD 9.1 Resources

This page contains several examples using ORCAD 9.1.
Each example is stored in .PDF format using Adobe Acrobat.
Each example is well-documented, with useful notes and hints.

Each PDF file contains several pages, including

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EGR 271 - Circuit Theory I EGR 272 - Circuit Theory II EGR 277/278 - Digital Logic & Lab
DC Circuit - Node voltages
DC Circuit - Using voltage and current printers
Dependent Sources
Op amp using ideal model
Op amp using uA741 library model
Max Power Transfer (Varying a resistor)
Transient Analysis of an RC Circuit with a switch
Transient Analysis of an RC Circuit with pulsed source
Parametric & Transient Analysis of an RC Circuit
AC Analysis - Phasors
AC Analysis - Transients
3 Phase Wye-Delta Circuit
Mutual Inductance
Transformer (ideal)
Transformer (non-ideal library model)
Transient Analysis of a 2nd-order underdamped circuit
Parametric & Transient Analysis of a 2nd-order circuit
Frequency Response (Log-magnitude and phase)
Combinational Logic Circuit
Eliminating Static Hazards
Implementing functions with a 4 x 16 Decoder
Modified Sequence Counter (clocked by a Digital Clock)
Modified Sequence Counter (clocked by a 555 Timer)
3-bit Ripple Counter
555 Timer as a clock generator
555 Timer as a one-shot
Traffic Light Controller

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Pinouts for IC's  Free ORDAD 9.1 Evaluation Software
IC Data Sheets from Texas Instruments


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