Courses andKathleen Gause

I take pride in inspiring and motivating students as well as teaching business theory.  I have taught 90 courses and 2,345 students for a total of 268 credits, for two community colleges, both online and face-to-face.  I teach introduction to management, management principles, international business, supervision, human resources, international marketing, supervision, and entrepreneurial courses.  I have designed nearly all of the courses that I teach.  The one exception was when I was part of a Blackboard award-winning teaching team at NOVA for an online introductory business course.  



Teaching the following FALL 2018 courses at Va Beach:

  • BUS 280 - 004B - LEC online
  • BUS 200 - 003B - LEC online



BUS 200 Principles of Management

BUS 280 Introduction To International Business (16-week)

Other courses taught at TCC:

  • Bus 100 Introduction to Business
  • Bus 111 Introduction to Supervision
  • Bus 165 Principles of Small Business Management
  • Bus 205 Human Resources Management
  • Bus 260 Writing Business Plans 
  • Mkt 100 Introduction to Marketing
  • Mkt 275 International Marketing

Course taught at ODU:

  • ODU MBA Program: Business in Global Cultures



Business Administration

Career Studies Certificate, Small Business Management