EGR 260 - Circuit Analysis
Tidewater Community College Engineering Program
Instructor:  Paul Gordy (Adjunct Instructor may also use this website)

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Students must submit all homework for this course using Mastering Engineering.
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MasteringEngineering Course Number for Fall 2012: MEGORDY260
Due Dates for all assignments can be seen when you log into the Mastering Engineering website.

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PowerPoint Lecture Notes
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Chapter 1 Circuit Variables

Chapter 2 Circuit Elements

Chapter 3 Resistive Circuits

Chapter 4 (Sections 1-8) Node and Mesh Equations

Introduction to PSPICE (covered after node equations)

Chapter 5 Op Amps

Chapter 4 (Sections 9-16) Network Theorems

Chapter 6 Inductors and Capacitors

Chapter 7 First Order Circuits

Chapter 8 Second Order Circuits

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Miscellaneous Documents
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ORCAD 10.5 Software and Examples

Sample PSPICE Report

PSPICE Assignment #1

PSPICE Assignment #2

PSPICE Assignment #3

Download ORCAD 10.5 (for Windows XP)

Download ORCAD 16.5 (for Windows 7)

Problem-Solving Format
Complex Numbers using TI Calculators

Chapter 1, Electric Circuits, 8th Edition

Chapter 2, Electric Circuits, 8th Edition

Test #1 Overview
Test #2 Overview
Test #3 Overview
Final Exam Overview

Optional material (AC Circuit Analysis/2-port parameters):

Lecture #20B

Lecture #21
Lecture #22
Lecture #23
Lecture #24
Lecture #25

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