Cadence Capture (PSPICE) Resources

This page contains several examples using Cadence Capture (PSPICE) 16.6 or later.
Each example is well-documented, with useful notes and hints.

Each PDF file contains several pages, including

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EGR 271 - Circuit Theory I

EGR 272 Circuit Theory II

EGR 270 Fund. Of Computer Engineering

DC Circuit - Node voltages
DC Circuit - Using voltage and current printers
Dependent Sources
Op amp using ideal model
Op amp using uA741 library model
Max Power Transfer (Varying a resistor)

Transient Analysis of an RC Circuit with a switch
Transient Analysis of an RC Circuit with pulsed source
Parametric & Transient Analysis of an RC Circuit

Transient Analysis of a 2nd-order Underdamped circuit
Parametric & Transient Analysis of a 2nd-order circuit
Frequency Response (Log-magnitude and phase)

Combinational Logic Circuit
Eliminating Static Hazards
Implementing functions with a 4 x 16 Decoder
Modified Sequence Counter (clocked by a Digital Clock)
Modified Sequence Counter (clocked by a 555 Timer)
3-bit Ripple Counter
555 Timer as a clock generator
555 Timer as a one-shot
Traffic Light Controller

Miscellaneous Cadence Capture Examples

Cadence Capture Lecture Notes

(Tutorials for EGR 271, 272, and 270)

AC Analysis - Phasors
AC Analysis - Transients
3 Phase Wye-Delta Circuit
Mutual Inductance
Transformer (ideal)
Transformer (non-ideal library model)

PSPICE Lecture Bias Point Analysis (Intro, Bias Point analysis, dependent sources)

PSPICE Lecture DC Sweep & Graphing (DC Sweep, voltage and current printers, graphing, varying sources)

PSPICE Lecture Varying Components

PSPICE Lecture Transient Analysis (1st-order and 2nd-order circuits, parametric analysis)

PSPICE Lecture AC Analysis (Analysis of AC Circuits. Using VSIN and VAC)
PSPICE Lecture Frequency Response (LM and Phase Plots, filters, and scaling.)

PSPICE Lecture Combinational Logic Circuits (7400 series parts in EVAL library, digital clocks, HI and LO, adding buses, decoders)

PSPICE Lecture Sequential Logic Circuits (digital clocks, initializing counters, input and output buses, 555 timer)


PSPICE Sample Report


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