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To view these sources, you must have downloaded and installed the appropriate document viewer,  Scientific Notebook Viewer.



The lecture notes for physics or astronomy must be viewed using the Scientific Viewer. The Scientific Viewer is available free at
To view the files open Scientific Viewer, from the main menu select File/Open Location and at the prompt type in the following URL. Or you can Copy one of the links below and paste it into the input box under Open Location.

For physics:

For astronomy:

The viewer will remember this location so you will not need to type it in again.  This will take you to the chapter listings.  You can click on them to take you to the online lecture notes for your course. 

Class Lecture Notes available in PDF.

My lecture notes are being converted to PDFs. Click here to obtain what I have so far. You can print these out ahead of time so you donít have to write so much in class.




Physics and Astronomy Lecture Notes
These files are in Scientific Notebook form

 Astronomy PowerPoint Slide Shows



To download the free viewer for Scientific Notebook documents, select the image to the left.


To download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files, select the image to the left.



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