Astronomy PowerPoint Slide Shows

These are available to my students for instructional purposes only


Chapter 2: The Sky

Chapter 3: Earth, Moon and Sun

Chapter 4: History of Astronomy

Chapter 5: Newton, Einstein and Gravity

Chapter 6: Light and Telescopes

Chapter 7: Starlight and Atoms

Chapter 8: Sun

Chapter 9: The Family of Stars

Chapter 10: The Interstellar Medium

Chapter 11: The Formation of Stars

Chapter 12: Stellar Evolution

Chapter 13: The Deaths of Stars

Chapter 14: Neutron Stars and Black Holes

Chapter 15: The Milky Way Galaxy

Chapter 16: Galaxies

Chapter 17: Galaxies With Active Nuclei

Chapter 18: Cosmology in the 21st Century

Chapter 19: The Origin of the Solar System

Chapter 20: Earth

Chapter 21: Moon and Mercury

Chapter 22: Venus and Mars

Chapter 23: Jupiter and Saturn

Chapter 24: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

Chapter 25: Meteorites, Asteroids and Comets

Chapter 26: Life on Other Worlds