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Name:  Ken Broun Jr. 
Title:    Associate Professor 
             Math, Physics and Astronomy

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There are many internet sites which contain information useful to students in their course work.  Students should visit these sites in order to maximize the modes of input of course information.  Below are some curriculum specific web sites available to anyone with internet access. 


Web sites



Mechanical Universe and Beyond

Hyperphysics – Great resource
Contemporary Physics Education Project 
Scientific American, journal     
Java Applets for Physics 
Physics 2000 Web site:  Cool Java Applets for Physics 
Superstrings and M-Theory



Mechanical Universe and Beyond
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

NASA’s Eyes 
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory 
The Solar System Live 
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Mars Curiosity Rover Site 

Messier Picture Gallery Icon Sheet 
Skyview, Virtual Observatory 
SOHO Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope, Solar Observations 
Hubble Space Telescope Science Institute, pictures 
Satellite Software and Info Site 

The Encyclopedia of Astronomy Site
NORAD' s Two Line Orbital Element Set 
Moon Phase Animation



The Math Forum 
The Geometry Center












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Author: Ken Broun Jr.
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Last Revision: February 23, 2016