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What is Sociology?

If you are intrigued by how and why people interact as they do with others, then Sociology may be the major for you. Sociology majors learn to think critically about social problems and social phenomena.  Topics in Sociology are very diverse and include topics such as Crime and Deviance, Marriage and Family, Sex and Gender Roles, Social Inequality, Interpersonal and group behavior and so much more. 

What Can You Do With a Sociology Degree?
A college degree in Social Sciences will put you on the path to many degrees and job opportunities including management positions in business, placement into four year transfer programs (like Sociology), and numerous occupations including the following for Sociology:


1. Lawyers
Law Schools love Sociologists.  They usually come in with high GPAs and show the writing skills necessary to be successful in the law.  Lawyers use critical thinking and analytical skills to research and litigate their cases and Sociology helps prepare them for the field.  Ian Bolling, a Sociology faculty member at the Chesapeake campus is also an attorney if you are interested in pursuing this path.

2. Management Consultants 
Management consultants analyze business issues, research possible remedies or enhancements, and present solutions to clients.

3. Market Research Analysts
Market research analysts test products and services and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. They utilize social science research techniques including interviews, surveys, and focus groups to gather data.

4. Media Planners 
Media planners assess the advertising needs of clients and design a media plan to enhance sales to various groups.

5.  Policy Analysts and Lobbyists
Policy Analysts research issues that affect the public. They recommend legislation to address those problems. Knowledge of sociology helps analysts to assess the impact of legislation on social problems and various populations.

6. Public Relations (PR) Specialists 
PR specialists need to be the ultimate communicators. As such, they must have the sociology major's ability to understand an audience and its attitudes, needs, and preferences. Writing skills are critical for crafting high impact press releases.

The list includes many more as well (counselors, diversity managers, advertising, social researchers, college professors, etc).  Click here to find out more about Sociology classes offered here at TCC.

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