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Who is Professor Ian Bolling, M.A., Esq.?


Bachelor of Science - Double Major in Sociology & Psychology VWU- Summa Cum Laude (Wesleyan Scholar) (1999)

Masters in Sociology - Florida State University;  Masters Thesis:  “Binge Drinking and the False Consensus Effect.” (2001)

Juris Doctorate - William and Mary Law School (2003)

Professional Experience

Teaching Synopsis:

Professor Bolling is a Full-Professor at TCC and teaches numerous Sociology classes.  As the only full-time professor at Chesapeake in Sociology he is the main point of contact for students interested in or taking Sociology courses at TCC-Chesapeake. He previously taught at Florida State University, Florida University-Jacksonville, Christopher Newport University and Old Dominion University.  He acted as the Sociology lead for all of TCC for numerous years and as the Social Science lead for Chesapeake in the past.  He has won numerous awards for his work in teaching, community service, and research.  Ian is known to be a down-to-earth personable individual that is easy to work with and can take the most complex of topics and simplify them in a way that makes them understandable and manageable.  The courses he teaches for TCC include:  Soc 200:  Principles of Sociology; Soc 211: Anthropology; Soc 215:  Marriage and Family; Soc 266:  Race & Ethnicity; and Soc 268: Social Problems

Ian lives in Chesapeake, VA with his wife and five children.  He enjoys spending time with his family, painting, doing renovation projects, and playing tennis with friends in his free-time.  

Legal Background Synopsis:

Ian began practicing law in 2004.  Early in his career he gained valuable experience working for the Virginia Attorney General, a Federal judge as a law clerk, and also prestigious law firms in Virginia and Florida in which he practiced civil, criminal, real estate, family law, estate planning, asset protection, copyright and patents, and corporate law.  During this time he was recognized by his peers at the Virginia State Bar and Virginia Business Magazine as a "Legal Elite." 

He then began his own solo-practice that focused mostly on estate planning and asset protection, corporate planning and formation, and contract drafting and negotiation.  Ian subsequently broadened his practice to include representing on-line personalities, content creators and companies, and providing a full-service legal experience for these clients.  Ian acts as the primary attorney for the Law Firm of Bolling & Associates, PLLC today and continues to practice in his primary legal areas of specialization.

Ian is also a certified Guardian ad Litem in Virginia and a known advocate for Children’s Rights.

He has taught courses on law at Old Dominion University that include Criminal Law, Sex Discrimination Law, and Children's Rights and has been a key note speaker at several events concerning the law and children’s rights and has been published in international journals on the topic.

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