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Courses in Sociology

We offer Sociology classes face to face and online.  Topics in our Sociology courses are incredibly diverse.  Here is more information about some of our classes offered and also some specific topics covered within them by Professor Ian Bolling, M.A., Esq:

SOC 200 - Principles of Sociology

Topics Covered:  This course is an introduction to Sociology and includes broad social topics.  Professor Bolling’s courses covered topics include Religion and Cults; Destruction of the Environment; Collective Behavior:  Fads, Rumors, Riots, Mobs, and Social Movements; Politics (Do you lean Left or Right?);  Culture (review of nerd culture and outlaw motorcycle gangs); The Fear of clowns; Sex and Gender, Deviance:  What Crimes are committed in the U.S. and how to fix it;  Social Class:  What would you do with a million dollars? And much more!

SOC 211 - Principles of Anthropology I

Studies the origins, development, and diversification of human biology and human cultures. Includes fossil records, physical origins of human development, human population genetics, linguistics, cultures' origins and variation, and historical and contemporary analysis of human societies. Professor Bolling’s class answers questions such as Did Neanderthals bury their dead or eat them? How do we gain personality through culture?  What is the difference between Arranged and Romantic Love Marriages?  How is art expressed differently across cultures and across time?  What are the different religious practices of groups in the world?

SOC 215 - Sociology of the Family

Studies topics such as marriage and family in social and cultural context. Addresses the single scene, dating and marriage styles, child-rearing, husband and wife interaction, single parent families, alternative lifestyles, divorce, remarriage, parenting strategies, and communication in personal relationships.

Soc 266 – Race & Ethnicity

Considers race and ethnicity as social constructs that deeply affect personal experience and social institutions. Examines the relationships of racial and ethnic groups with each other and with larger society including ideas of racial inequality both individually and systemically. Introduces significant theoretical approaches to the study of race and ethnicity.  In Professor Bolling’s class the topics include: How to Have meaningful Conversations about Race from the perspective of several races.  An introduction to race & ethnicity; discrimination and races; biases, and then we take a closer look at specific racial minorities in the US including Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanic American, Asian American, and Arab Americans.  Finally, the class has section on digging deeper where students have the opportunity to explore social justice and police reform or health disparities among races. 

SOC 268 - Social Problems

Applies sociological concepts and methods to analysis of current social problems. Includes delinquency and crime, mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual behavior, population crisis, race relations, family and community disorganization, poverty, automation, wars, and disarmament.  In Professor Bolling’s course the class covers the two sides of U.S. immigration; Education Problems in the US; Guns & Gun Control; Terrorism; Legalization of drugs; Environmental Problems; and issues with artificial intelligence.


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