MicroSoft Excel Resources 

This page contains several examples using Microsoft Excel.
Each example is stored in .PDF format using Adobe Acrobat.
Each example is well-documented, with useful notes and hints.
The examples are organized according to the course in which they are introduced.

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EGR 120 - Introduction to Engineering

EGR 140 - Statics

Example 1: Using Tables (formulas, absolute addresses, & more) 
Example 2: Using Tables (drawing tools, inserting MicroSoft Equation Editor equations, radians versus degrees, Greek letters, formulas, & more) 
Using Special Symbols (using Greek letters) 
Using Lookup Tables  (Assigning values using the lookup function according to ranges as specified in a lookup table)
Using Histograms (analyzing data and plotting the frequency of events)
Linear Regression (using trendlines) 
Exponential Regression (using trendlines) 
Logarithmic Regression (using trendlines) 
Power Regression (using trendlines) 
Polynomial Regression (using trendlines) 
Linear Regression (showing all regression statistics) 
Exponential Regression (showing all regression statistics) 
Power Regression (showing all regression statistics)

Matrix Examples (matrix functions, solving simultaneous equations)



Miscellaneous Excel Examples

Miscellaneous Links




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