My main interest is my family and teaching.  I am making a small farm with my wife and two daughters and loving every single moment I spend with them. 

My personal interests are divided between medical biology and field biology.  
Most of my spare time is spent out in the field cataloging birds, plants, 
reptiles, etc., etc., etc.  I enjoy camping in the mountains as well as the beach 
the fewer people...the better).  Most of my spare time is spent in the 
Great Dismal Swamp.  What a fascinating place with 400-500 species of plants, 
hundreds of species of birds, and several species of mammals, reptiles, 
amphibians, insects, arachnids, etc.  It is one of my favorites sites to visit's near by and a natrualist's dream place.  Merchant's Mill Pond in N.C. 
is a terrrrrrrrrific place to canoe.  With the Spanish Moss Tillandsia usneoides 
hanging from the trees, it a beautiful place and only one hour away.  I study 
both terrestrial organisms as well as marine.  Scuba diving is another favorite, 
however, I prefer the tropics for this endeavor.....locally the visibility is 
greatly reduced and the diversity of organisms is not as exciting as the tropics.  
Camping is a must and I enjoy the mountains and beeches equally.  Exploring caves 
and studying the biota within is another one of my favorites.  Old Dominion 
University offers a course in Cave Biology and it was one of my favorite classes.

    Check out my Plant, Bird, Amphibian/Reptilian, and Mammalian lists for the Dismal 
Swamp.  If you're a budding field biologist or naturalist or eccologist, or whatever 
you call us, these may help you get started.  They are the most commons species you 
will encounter.  The Jericho and Washington ditch roads are easy to get to.  Just 
drive down White Marsh Rd. in Suffolk until you see the signs.  Don't forget you 
binoculars and Peterson's Guide (to birds, wildflowers, and just about anything 
else you want to identify)
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