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Assistant Professor of English and Humanities

Teaching Experience: (1990 to Present) developmental English (01 & 03) onsite; transfer composition courses (111, 112, & 210) onsite and online; and transfer Humanities courses including Introduction to Women's Studies (HUM 210); developed first-semester, first-year English composition course (111) for online delivery in 1996, second-semester, first-year English composition course (112) for online delivery in 1998; advanced composition (210) for online delivery in 2000, hybrid HUM 210 for online delivery in 2004, and HUM 260, 20th Century Culture, for online delivery in 2009.   

Education: A.S in Education from Tidewater Community College; B.A. and M.A in English from Old Dominion University; Certificate in Distance Education with the University of Phoenix; Certified Quality Matters Peer & Master Reviewer (2012); TYCA-SE WebTender (2011 & 2012)


Spring 2017

Fall & Spring 2016

Pathways Course: Rhetorical Context Tutorial

Fall & Spring 2014

Adopt Panopto Today!, New Horizons Conference, Roanoke, Virginia, April 9-11, 2014

AMTRACCS, Tutoring Services Open House, Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring and Summer 2013

iPad Mobile Apps Pilot to explore education apps, Presented at the Technology Showcase, Portsmouth Campus, May 9, 2013

Apps for Learning On the Go, VCC faculty identified these apps for the teaching and learning environment, Summer 2012, Presented at New Horizons 2013

Fall 2012

Quality Matters 4th Annual Conference, A Noble and Grand Design, October 3-6, 2012, Tuscon, Arizona: Presenter

Spring 2012

New Horizons Conference, April 2012: Presenter: Challenged-based Learning

TYCA-SE Conference, March 2012: Presenter: Online Teaching Issues

Spring & Fall 2010-2011

EVOLVE Taskforce (2010): to define three or four visions/goals for the future of online education at TCC

Academic Support Services Advisory Committee (2010-2012)

Online Quality Assurance Taskforce: 2011-2013 initiative to implement Quality Matters at TCC

"Working Hard to Work Smarter: Survival Tips for Online Teachers," New Horizons Conference, April 7-9, 2010

"Sustainability Online: Selecting Instructional Media and Developing Assignments for Student Success," Distance Education Peer Group, October 15, 2010

Study-Abroad Trip to France: May 12-20, 2010 (trip was cancelled)

Spring 2009

ITTL Grant, 2008-2009, English 111 Blackboard Module, New Horizons Conference (PowerPoint)

Fall 2008

A WebQuest for English Composition: Changing the World: One Person at a Time

A WebQuest Project for the Teaching with the Internet Course, December 2008

Spring 2008

New Horizons, April 2008, Greening the Community College, The Gaia Model

Spring 2007

New Horizons, March 2007, Blackboard 7.1 Trainer

Spring 2006

Connections, The Women's Center, Spring 2006 Issue

Women's Studies: A Life-Changing Course (pdf file)

Spring 2005

Women's History Month Literary Contest, Beach Campus Coordinator

New Horizons Conference 2005 Presentations

Using a Drupal to Build a Multi-Campus Writing Community

Keys to the Holy Grail? Why Me? Why Now?

English Peer Conference: "Using Small Group Work to Develop a Learning Community"

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