Michele Marits

Assistant Professor

English and Humanities

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Contact Information

Office: Virginia Beach Campus, Kempsville Bldg., Room D-118

Email: mmarits@email.vccs.edu

Office Phone: 757.822.7050

Teaching Schedule for the Fall Semester 2016 (16-Week Courses), August 22nd to December 16th (except two English 111 courses)

English 111, English Composition I (Virtual), One Section: O70B (August 22nd to October 17th)

English 111, English Composition I (Onsite), One Section: D68B, Mondays & Wednesdays, (September 12th to December 16th)

English 112, English Composition II (Virtual--Z Courses), Two Sections: OZ5B and OZ6B

Humanities 260, Survey of 20th Century Culture (Virtual), Two Sections: O05B and O06B

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