D   Dr. Julia S. Arnold llll

    I am the mother of 4 children and 2 step-children.  I have been  married 40 years.  My interest in math began in high school.  I have been a teacher of mathematics most of my life.D


S    I enjoy math cartoons, and Noah's Ark cartoons
( a collection of which you can see in my office)

    Besides doing math problems, I like to read spy novels, of which my favorite is Robert Ludlum after the passing of Ian Fleming.  She has a collection of James Bond movies.  She loves movies especially action, adventure movies.   

I received my black belt in April of 2013 in Karate.  I attended Savior Martial Arts in Western Branch.

    I began a math e-club at TCC which later was chartered into Mu Alpha Theta, a math national honor society. I has served as lead sponsor of Mu Alpha Theta -TCC chapter  for 5 years and going on 6.

  I am active at my church where I teach Sunday School for 5th graders.D

     At present I have12 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

r.j Why I teach the way I do        
My goal when teaching a course is to provide a course which will prepare the student for their next course in mathematics, or to achieve a degree, or to be able to transfer their results to a 4 year institution.    While doing this my hope is that they will develop an appreciation for mathematics, see the beauty in mathematics, and the fun in applying mathematics to real life situations.   One of my strengths as a teacher has been my ability to explain complicated mathematics in a simpler, easier to understand form, whether it is in a face to face class or in material I’ve developed via power point or video, without compromising the integrity of the mathematics. 
Teaching is a journey with new ideas to try, so I keep an open mind and a willing heart to try something new if it engages the student and keeps them active in the classroom.


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