My dissertation's  main research project was on "A simplified model of wound healing, with particular interest in the critical size defect". The two dimensional model has been published in  Mathematical and Computer Modelling.  My dissertation also contains the three dimensional model for wound healing as well as two projects on cancer tumors and the immune system--a new look at a simple mathematical model.

"A Simplified Model of Wound Healing in Two Dimensions" is a mathematical model of why bone wounds do not always heal.  The question was proposed by an oral surgeon.  When teeth are extracted they leave a hole in the bone.  When cancer tumors are found in the gums, part of the bone may need removal.  Bone will regenerate itself  when the bone defect is not too large.  This point at which the wound is too large is called the critical size defect.  Dr. John Adam, of Old Dominion University, was the first to address this question.  His findings are published in Mathematical and Computer Modelling.  My results are an extension of the work he began.