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Anatomy and Physio I

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Common questions from incoming A&Pstudents

Spring Syllabus

A word from your sponsor:  For my incoming students, I can definitely say that A&P I is one of my most challenging courses.  Not necessarily because of the material you have to learn, but because of the time you have put into the course to be successful.  

Let me be frank - if you don't have the time to study, do not take A&P, and especially not with me.  It is an "eye-opener".....this is why A&P II is not as difficult....because in order to get to the second half you have to learn what it takes to make it through the first half.

It is my advice not to go into A&P I without having taken a college level biology course.....majority of the time, high school is just not going to cover it.  Be nice to yourself and prepare before you step into A&P.  And don't forget - this is college!!! - there is not always going to be someone there to hold your hand.

To help you along the way I have included some helpful resources, facebook pages, model keys, youtube videos and more to help you out.



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