Pregnancy Series - uterus w/ embryo/fetus

L10/1 - Uterus with 1st month embryo
L10/2 - Uterus with 2nd month embryo
L10/3 - Uterus with 3rd month embryo/fetus
L10/4 - Uterus with 4th month fetus (transverse position)
L10/5 - Uterus with 5th month fetus (breech position)
L10/6 - Uterus with 5th month fetus (transverse position)
L10/7 - Uterus with 5th month fetus (normal position)
L10/8 - Uterus with 7th month fetus (normal position)
1. vagina
2. uterine, cervix
3. fallopian (uterine) tube
4. fimbriae of fallopian tube
5. ovary
6. broad ligament of the uterus
7. uterus
8. placenta
8a. fetal portion of placenta
8b. maternal portion of placenta
9. umbilical cord
10. embryo or fetus
11. amnion, chorion, decidua capsularis
12. amnion
13. uterine cavity/lumen
14. round ligament of the uterus

L15 - Giant embryo approx 4 weeks old, 25 times life-size 1. primordium of the brain 1a. primordium of the telencephalon 1b. primordium of the diencephalon 1c. primordium of the mesencephalon 1d. primordium of the cerebellum (rhombic lips) 1e. primordium of the rhombencephalon 2. olfactory pit (primordium of the nose) 3. ocular cups (primordium of the eyes) 4. primordium of the upper jaw 4a. otic pits (primordium of the ears) 5. visceral arches 5a. mandibular arch 5b. hyoid arch 5c. 1st pharyngeal (branchial) arch 5d. 2nd pharyngeal (branchial) arch 6. primordium of the heart 6a. primordium of the atria 6b. primordium of the ventricles 7. primordium of the liver 8. upper limb buds 9. lower limb buds 10. primordium of the vertebra (4th somite)

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