Male Reproductive Structures - SOMSO - Model MA 1 & 2

A	tunica albuginea of testes
B	epididymis
C	external spermatic fascia of scrotum
D	spermatic cord (external spermatic fascia of)
E	seminal vesicle
F	prostate gland
G	penis
H	scrotum
5	head of epididymis
6	body of epididymis
7	tail of epididymis
10	cremaster muscle (red), external fascia of (outer white), internal fascia of (inner white)
10a	visceral layer of tunica vaginalis
11	cremaster muscle (red), external fascia of (outer white), internal fascia of (inner white)
12	external spermatic fascia
13	superficial fascia of dartos muscle
14	skin of scrotum
15	vas deferens
16	testicular artery (red)
17	pampiniform plexus (blue)
18	beginning of ejaculatory duct
20	prostate gland and ejaculatory duct
21	bulbourethral gland
22	epithelium of urethra 
23	pectiniform septum
23a	superficial layer of tunica albuginea
24	deep layer of tunica albuginea
25	corpus spongiosum (blue-gray)
26	bulb of penis
27	deep fascia of penis
27a	dorsal vein of penis
28	remnants of prepuce
29	frenulum
30	glans penis
31	corona of glans
a	external urethral meatus
c	navicular fossa of penis
32	corona of glans
34	pubic bone
35	pubic symphysis (fibrocartilage)
36	ischial tuberosity
37	iliopubic eminence
38	rectus abdominia muscle
38a	rectus sheath
39	rectus sheath
40	inguinal ligament
41	external ring of inguinal canal
42	internal ring of inquinal canal
43	suspensory ligament of penis
44	external obturator muscle
45	internal obturator muscle
46	tendinous arch
48	levator ani muscle
49	external anal spincter (voluntary, skeletal muscle)
50	inernal anal spincter (involuntary, smooth muscle)
50a	levator ani muscle
52	deep transverse perineal muscle (sphincter urethrae immediately surrounding urethra)
53	ischiocavernosus muscle
54	bulbospondiosus muscle
55	external iliac artery becoming femoral artery
55a	deep iliac circumflex artery	
56a	deep iliac circumflex vein
57	internal pudendal artery
58	internal pudendal vein
59	pudendal nerve
60	transvers vesical fold (part of visceral peritoneum)
60a	detrusor muscle
60b	trigone
60c	transitional epithelium
60d	ureter
63	visceral peitoneum reflectin on & becomming parietal peritoneum

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