3B Kidney Plaque - Model K 30-31
Largest Model
A	Cortex
B	Medulla - the entire inner layer
1	Renal Vein
2	Renal Arter
3	Arcuate Vein
4	Arcuate Artery
5	Capillary bed
6	Interlobular Vein
7	Interlobular Artery
8	Cortical Radiate Artery
11	Pelvis
12	Major Calyx
13	Cribriform area of Papilla of Pyramid
14	Papilla of Pyramid 
15	Collecting Duct/Tubule (Simple Cuboidal Epithelium)
16	Curvature part of urinary tubules
17	Distal end of Hele's Loop (Simple Squamous Epithelium)
18	Descending Branch of Hele's Loop
19	Afferent Arteriole of Glomerulus
20	Pyramid - the individual triangular structures
21	Minor Calyx
22	Column (between pyramids)

Nephron (Middle Model)
A	Cortex
B	Outer Medulla
C	Inner/Deep Medulla near Papilla
a	Early Proximal Convoluted Tubule (Simple Cuboidal Epithelium)
b	Late Proximal Convoluted Tubule (Simple Cuboidal Epithelium)
c	Henle's Loop of Cortical Renal Corpuscle (Simple Squamous Epithelium)
1	Bowman's Capsule (Outside of Corpuscle) of Juxtamedullary Corpuscle
2	Late Proximal Convoluted Tubule (Simple Cuboidal Epithelium)
3	Distal Convoluted Tubule (Simple Cuboidal Epithelium)
4	Collecting Tubule
5	Late Collecting Tubule (Papillary Duct)
6	Arcuate Artery/Vein
7	Interlobular Artery/Vein
8	Afferent Arteriole of Glomerulus
9	Efferent Arteriole of Glomerulus
10	Bowman's Capsule (Outside of Corpuscle) (Simple Squamous Epithelium)

Large Glomerulus
1	Afferent Arteriole (contains majority of Juxtaglomerular Apparatus)
2	Capillaries of Glomerulus (Simple Squamous Epithelium)
3	Efferent Arteriole
4	Podocyte
5	Bowman's Capsule (Simple Squamous Epithelium)
6	Proximal Convoluted Tubule
7	Macula Densa w/in the Distal Convoluted Tubule