SOMSO Eye Model - on stand - Model E 40-41

Lone Eyeball with Green Base - Key

1.	Superior rectus muscle
2.	Inferior rectus muscle
3.	Medial rectus muscle
4.	Lateral rectus muscle
5.	Superior oblique muscle
6.	Inferior oblique muscle
7.	Sclera
8.	Cornea
9.	Choroid
10.	Iris
11.	Retina
12.	Vitreous body/Vitreous Humor
13.	lens
14.	Sheath of the optic nerve II
15.	Entrance point of the ciliary nerves
16.	Optic Nerve II
17.	Ciliary muscle
18.	Ciliary crown
19.	Venae vorticosae
20.	Short and long ciliary nerves
21.	Macula lutea
Inside the macula lutea is a yellow spot, which is the fovea centralis (area of most acute vision)
22.	Arteries of the retina
23.	Veins of the retina
Not numbered is the optic disc/blind spot - the white area where the axons of the ganglion cells exit the eyeball and form the Optic Nerve II

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