Ear Model - 3B - White Base - Model EA 10 - 40

A	External Ear
1	Antihelix
2	external acoustic meatus
3	tympanic membrane
4	annulur fibrocartilage of  tympanic membrane

B	Middle Ear
5	tympanic cavity
6	tensor tympani muscle 
7	pharyngotympanic tube (Eustacian or auditory tube)
8	malleus
a	head of malleus
b	manubrium of malleus
c	anterior process of malleus
9	incus
a	short limb of incus
b	long limb of incus
10	lenticular process of incus
11	stapes
a	head of stapes
b	anterior/posterior limb of stapes
c	base of stapes
C	Inner Ear
12	vestibule
13	oval window
14	round window
15	lateral semicircular canal
a	ampulla of the lateral semicircular canal
16	anterior semicircular canal
a	ampulla of the anterior semicircular canal
17	posterior semicircular canal
c	ampulla of the posterior semicircular canal
18	cochlea
19	vestibulocochlear nerve = statoacoustic nerve = auditory nerve = acoustic nerve
20	internal carotid artery
21	tensor veli palatine muscle
22	cavity of auricular choncha
23	antitragus
24	tragus
25	external auditory canal
26	lobule of auricle
27	triangular fossa

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