Digestive Organs - Somso Model VISC 1-2
1	hard palate
2	soft palate
2a	uvula
3	genioglossus muscle
4	pharynx
5	esophagus
6	stomach
a	cardiac orifice
b	epigastric fossa
c	lesser curvature
d	greater curvature
e	gastric canal
f	pylorus
7	duodenum
8	longitudinal fold of the duodenum
9	bile duct
10	gall bladder
11	pancreas
12	spleen
13	liver
a	right lobe of liver
b	left lobe of liver
c	quadrate lobe of liver
d	hepatic portal vein
e	hepatic artery
14	small intestine
a	jejunum
b	ileum
15	small intestine entering the large intestine
16	cecum
17	vermiform appendix
18	large intestine
a	ascending colon
b	transverse colon
c	descending colon
d	sigmoid flexure
19	rectum
20	nasal cavity
21	larynx
a	epiglottis

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