Key 15 Part Brain Models B 1-6 - EXTERIOR

[Diagram 1 - Key to 15 part brain]
[Diagram 2 - Key to 15 part brain]

Cortical areas and cytoarchitectural map of human cerebral cortex after Brodmann
I =	Frontal lobe
II =	Parietal lobe
III =	Occipital lobe
IV =	Temporal lobe

1-47	Cortical areas of the human brain based on cytoarchitectonic 
	differentiation (after Brodmann)

a)	Motor speech area of Broca (area 44 and 45) - localized in right
	handed persons on the left hemisphere only
b)	Frontal eye field
c)	Premotor cortex (area 6)
d)	Supplementary motor areas (area 6)
e)	Precentral gyrus (primary somatic motor area) (area 4)
f)	Postcentral gyrus (primary somatic sensory areas) (areas 3, 1 and 2)
g)	Primary gustatory area
h)	Secondary sensory area related to stereognostic functions (area 40)
i)	Secondary sensory area related to motor action of hand etc. (area 7)
k)	Posterior parietal areas (area 5)
1) 	Primary auditory area (area 41)
m)	Secundary auditory area (area 42)
n)	Wernicke's cortical field (area 22)
o)	Tertiary auditory areas (understanding of words and music) (area 21)
p)	Visual association cortex
pl)	Dorsal stream towards parietal lobe (MT, Area V5, e.g. analysis of
	visual motion)
P2)	Ventral stream towards temporal lobe (Area V4, IT, e.g. recognition 
	of objects)
r)	Secundary visual cortex (area 18, V2 and V3)
s)	Primary visual cortex (striate cortex) (area 17, V1)
t)	Cingulate gyrus (part of limbic system) (emotional reactions to
	sensory stimulations)
u)	Hippocampus (part of limbic system)
v)	Olfactory bulb (primary olfactory area)
w)	Prepiriforme cortex (secondary olfactory area)
C.c.	body of corpus callosum
F.	Fornix

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