Key to Whole Brain - two-multiple-part hemispheres (6 parts totaled)

A	Parietal lobe of Cerebral hemisphere - cerebrum - cerebral cortex
C	Midbrain or Cerebral peduncle
D	Pons
E	Frontal
F	Postcentral gyrus - function = primary sensory cortex
G	Temporal lobe - function = primary motor cortex
H	 Occipital lobe - function = primary visual cortex
K	Precentral gyrus

 1	Body of corpus callosum
 2	Genu of corpus callosum
 3	Rostrum of corpus callosum on cerebral part, mammillary body on brainstem
 4	Splenium of corpus callosum
 5	Septum pellucidum
 6	Fornix
 7	Opening to interventricular foramen leading to lateral ventricle from third ventricle
	- on brainstem - Insula
 8	Thalamus
 9 	Anterior commissure 
10	Interthalamic adhesion (intermediate mass) within third ventricle on one brainstem
	Optic chiasm or end of optic nerve on one brainstem
11	Posterior commissure
12	Pineal body
13	Tectal plate of the corpus quadrigemina
14	Hypothalamus
15	Fourth ventricle
16	Cerebral aqueduct
17	Cerebral crus
25	Medulla oblongatta
28	Olfactory bulb
29	Optic tract
30	Oculomotor nerve
31	Trochlear nerve
32	Trigeminal nerve
33	Abducent nerve or abducens nerve
34	Facial Nerve w/ Intermediate nerve
35	Vestibulocochlear nerve or statoacoustic nerve or auditory nerve or acoustic nerve
36	Glossopharyngeal nerve
37	Vagus nerve
38	Accessory nerve or spinal accessory nerve
39	Hypoglossal nerve

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