Dr. Mitchell - Anatomy and Physiology I & II (Bio 141/142) - Keys to Models
Tidewater Community College - Chesapeake Campus

3B-numbered-skeleton-model-AXIAL SKELETON & Upper Extremity- key

CI - C VII	Cervical Vertebrae
Th I - TH II	Thoracic Vertebrae
L I - L V 	Lumbar Vertebrae
142. Atlas
  a. Anterior Arch
  b. Anterior Tubercle
  c. Posterior Arch
  d. Sulcus for Vertebral Artery
  e. Posterior Tubercle
  f. Transverse Process
143. Axis
  a. Dens or Odontoid Process
146. Lumbar Vertebrae
  a. Body
  b. Vertebral Arch
  c. Spious Process
  d. Inferior Articular Process & Facet
  f. Mamillary Process
147. Sacrum
  a. Sacral Promontory
  c. Anterior Sacral Foramen
  e. Posterior Sacral Foramen
  f. Median Sacral Crest
  g. Intermediate Sacral Crest
  h. Lateral Sacral Crest
  i. Sacral Hiatus
  k. Superior Articular Process
148. Coccyx
  a. Coccygeal Horn
  b. Coccygeal Vertebrae II - IV
149. Rib
  a. Head
  b. Neck
  c. Tubercle
  d. Anterior Scalene Tubercle
  e. Articular Facet of Tubercle
  f. Angle
  g. Body
150. Costal Groove
153. Sternum
  a. Manubrium
  b. Jugular Notch
  c. Clavicular Notch
  d. Costal Groove # II
  e. Sternal Angle
  f. Body
  g. Xiphoid Process

154. Scapula
   a. Spine
   b. Acromion Process
   c. Supraspinous Fossa
   d. Infraspinous Fossa
   e. Superior Angle
   f. Inferior Angle
   g. Lateral Margin
   h. Infraglenoid Tubercle
     - Triceps attaches here
   i. Glenoid Cavity
   k. Coracoid Process
   l. Medial Margin
155. Clavicle
   a. Conoid Tubercle
   b. Acromial End
   c. Sternal End
156. Humerus
   a. Head
   b. Anatomical Neck
   c. Shaft
   d. Major Tuberosity
   e. Minor Tuberosity
   f. Intertubercular Sulcus/Groove
   g. Deltoid Tuberosity
   h. Anterio-medial Surface
   i. Anterio-lateral Surface
   k. Olecranon Fossa
   l. Coranoid Fossa
   m. Radial Fossa
   n. Medial Epicondyle
   o. Ulnar Groove
   p. Lateral Epicondyle
   q. Capitulum
   r. Trochlea
157. Ulna
   a. Olecranon
   b. Trochlear Notch
   c. Radial Notch
   d. Coronoid Process
   e. Ulnar Tuberosity
   f. Ulnar Head
   g. Radial Groove
   h. Styloid Process of Ulna

158. Radius
a. Head
b. Neck 
c. Shaft
d. Articular surface 
   - w/ Radial Notch of Ulna
e. Radial Tuberosity
f. Ulnar Notch
g. Styloid Process of Ulna
h. Carpal Articular Surface
i. Posterior Surface
k. Anterior Surface
159. Scaphoid
160. Lunate
161. Triquetrum
162. Pisiform
163. Trapezium
164. Trapezoid
165. Capitate
166. Hamate
  a. Hamulus
167. Metacarpals I- IV
168. Proximal Phalanx - Indicis
  a. Base
  b. Shaft
  c. Head
  d. Proximal Phalanx - Pollicis
  e. Distal Phalanx - Indicis
169. Middle Phalanx - Indicis
170. Distal Phalanx - Indicis