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ESL 51 MWF 8:00 - 9:10  F 128

ESL 42 MWF 9:30 - 10:40  F 128

ESL 42 TR 8:00 - 9:40  F 128

ESL 31 TR 10:00 - 11:50 G 124



                           Monday  Wednesday 11:00 - 1:00


                           Tuesday Thursday     12:00 - 3:00

                             Friday       By Appointment Only

I am sometiems required to be at a meeting during my office hours. Thereefroe, it is a good idea to send me an email  (sboland@tcc.edu) to tell me that you are stopping by my office so that I am sure to be there for you!



     I would like to briefly introduce myself to my new students.  First, I will tell you about my background, then some information about my education, and finally a few personal remarks.   I was born and raised outside New York City. I was very fortunate to have parents who enjoyed traveling, so as I grew up I was able to experience many different cultures.  I attended the University of London, England majoring in British Literature. I completed my Master's degree at George Mason University in 1987,where I studied Applied Linguistics. This degree enabled me to teach English as a Second Language at the university level. I first taught ESL at Old Dominion University, but changed jobs in 2004 to teach at TCC, which is the best place in the world to teach ESL because of the fine program and excellent students. I have been teaching ESL since 1988, and I hope that my experience will help me to be a good teacher for you.

     While I was teaching at Old Dominion University, I completed a Master's in Fine Arts, with my focus on Creative Writing. I enjoy writing, and have published numerous articles in newspapers and magazines on a variety of topics. Most of my work is nonfiction, but I have recently begun to write some fiction as well. I currently publish my work on my own  website, which has had over 10,000 readers in the last three years! You are welcome to read my work at Shestories.

       I live in Virginia Beach with my husband, who teaches American History at Old Dominion University. My husband is retired from the United States Navy, where he completed 29 years of active duty. We have two sons; Brendan is an actor in New York City, and Brian is a pilot for the United States Coast Guard. I also have a very big dog. My husband and I live near the beach, so when I am not with you in the classroom. I am usually walking with her on the beach.

        I look forward to getting to know you in my classroom!

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