Susanne Rauch, English and Humanities Instructor

Humanities Division
Office: Pungo Building, F-115
TCC, Virginia Beach VA 23453-1918

Contact for students:
(Please do not email questions to my TCC faculty email address,, as there will be a longer delay in your receiving a response.)

SUMMER and FALL 2018 Classes, Sections, and Class Numbers: The classes listed below are all online; no meetings on campus are required.)

Please note the DATES for Dynamic courses; the dates are NOT the same as those listed for the regular 16-week classes in the Academic Calendar. Friendly Warning: All of the following require a great deal of reading in order to understand the class materials and the assignments. If you need "face time" in order to successfully understand and complete your class work, none of these classes will meet your needs.

The following class for SUMMER 2018 is completely online:
  • English 125, section O01B, College Composition I--Class number 11906. Textbook: Backpack Literature, by Kennedy and Gioia, fourth edition (or newer).
The following classes for FALL 2018 are all completely online:
  • English 111, section O54B, College Composition I--Class number 25708.
  • English 111, section O55B, College Composition I--Class number 25709.
  • English 111, section O67B, College Composition I--Class number 25710 (Dynamic, Aug. 20-Nov. 9)
  • English 111, section O68B, College Composition I--Class number 25711 (Dynamic, Aug. 20-Nov. 9)
  • English 111, section O69B, College Composition I--Class number 25774 (Dynamic, Aug. 20-Nov. 9)
    TEXTBOOK for all of the English 111 sections (FA18) above is MindTap Handbook (access card or code purchase required).

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