ARITHMETIC OR ABOVE                                                                                               ALGEBRA 1 OR ABOVE

                                                                                                                                               Factoring A Quadratic Polynomial   PDF    MSW

                                                                                                                                               Long Division Of Polynomials         PDF    MSW

ALGEBRA 2 OR ABOVE                                                                                                   COLLEGE ALGEBRA OR ABOVE

PRECALCULUS 1 OR ABOVE                                                                                           PRECALCULUS 2 OR ABOVE

The Ellipse (Hyperbola)                                                               PDF     MSW                   RMS-Value Of A Sinusoid   PDF   MSW

CALCULUS 1 & 2 OR ABOVE                                                                                            MULTIVARIABLE CALCULUS OR ABOVE

Area of a region between two curves                                          PDF      MSW                   Differentiability    PDF     MSW

Volume: the disk method                                                             PDF      MSW

Volume: the shell method                                                            PDF      MSW

Arc length and surfaces of revolution                                         PDF      MSW

Work                                                                                             PDF      MSW

Moments, centers of mass and centroids                                   PDF      MSW

Fluid pressure and fluid force                                                     PDF       MSW

Integrals With Rational Expressions With Sine And Cosine   PDF       MSW


Coefficients For Alternating Series                                           PDF     MSW

DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS OR ABOVE                                                                  LINEAR ALGEBRA OR ABOVE

The Four Bugs                                                                             PDF        MSW                Row Space/ Column Space Dimension    PDF   MSW

Chemical Reactions                                                                    PDF       MSW 

Homogeneous Equations                                                            PDF       MSW 

Electric Circuits                                                                          PDF        MSW

A Moth To The Flame                                                               PDF        MSW

DISCRETE MATHEMATICS OR ABOVE                                                                    PROBABILITY & STATISTICS OR ABOVE

Binomial Coefficients                                                                PDF       MSW                The Monty Hall Problem           PDF    MSW


The Sum Of The Angles Of A Polygon                                    PDF       MSW

Polyhedral Patterns                                                                  PDF        MSW

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Author: Robert Maynard

Last Revision: November 14, 2011