TCC has a new articulation agreement with ODU.

With an AAS Degree in Fire Science Technology plus a General Education Certificate you can enter ODU as a junior in their BS degree program in Health Sciences. Contact Rick Dienst for more information.

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Virginia Beach Bldg., Room G-111
Phone: 822-7209
Fax: 822-7483

If you have suggestions on how to improve the program, different times, days, delivery formats, etc. please don't hesitate to contact me.

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TCC follows the FESHE model curriculum for an Associates Degree in Fire Science.

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FST 100 Principles of Emergency Services
FST 110 Fire Behavior and Combustion
FST 112 Hazardous Materials Chemistry
FST 115 Fire Prevention
FST 120 Occupational Safety and Health
FST 135 Fire Instructor I
FST 140 Fire Officer I
FST 205 Fire Protection Hydraulics
FST 210 Legal Aspects of Fire Service
FST 215 Fire Protection Systems
FST 220 Building Construction for Fire Protection
FST 230 Fire Investigation
FST 235 Strategy and Tactics
FST 237 Emergency Service Supervision
FST 240 Fire Administration
FST 121 Safety and Survival

FST 250 Fire Officer II

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