Official Course Outline


I. Course Prefix/Number/Title: GER 204 Intermediate German II


Credit Hours: 3 Lecture Hours: 3 Lab hours: 0 Total Contact Hours: 3


II. Pre-requisite: GER 203 or equivalent Co-requisite: None


III.                 Course Description: Continues to develop understanding, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Classes conducted in German. May include oral drill and practice.



IV.                Course Objectives: To assist the student to:


         Understand German on everyday topics spoken at conversational speed

         Further develop conversational competence and circumlocution on everyday topics as well as more complex topics such as hypothesizing

         Develop oral and written ability to use perfect tenses and narrate sequentially events in the various verb tenses

         Facilitate oral and written ability to use commands and narrate subjectively events in the present that express future possibilities, emotions and obligations

         Learn to read and comprehend basic German texts on familiar topics such as health, environment, every day life, current events, festivals, holidays, driving, postal service and telecommunications

         Develop additional geographic, historic, and cultural understanding of the Germanic world


V.                  Course Content:


         Vocabulary dealing with festivals, holidays, health, environment, driving, movies, current events, politics, the media and natural disasters

         Adjectives used as nouns and after der words

         Unpreceeded adjectives and adjectives after ein words

         Dative and Accusative Prepositions

         Da and wo compounds

         The present perfect tense

         The conditional

         Present subjunctive for situations dealing with doubt, emotion, disbelief and denial

         Cultural information about Luxemburg, Lichtenstein, and numerous other European nations with large German-speaking minorities



VI. Textbooks: Kraft, Wolfgang. Deutsch Aktuell II, plus student workbook, 4th ed. Saint Paul, Minnesota: EMC/Paradigm Publishing, 1998.


Note: Audio and video components are available for checkout in the Language Learning Center of the Norfolk Campus.



VII. Additional information:

GER 204 is the fourth and final course in the four-course sequence of study of beginning and intermediate levels of German. All courses in the sequence must be taken sequentially.



GER 204 Intermediate German II 1 Effective Date: July 2005