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Academy of International Business

Accountant's Homepage

Asia Week Magazine

Bank Rate Monitor

Bureau of Labor & Statistics

Business Plans (samples) or Business Plans Archives

BusinessWeek Magazine

Bureau of Economic Analysis

The Career Doctor

The CIA Fact Book (Comprehensive Info on Countries of the World)

Consumer Price Index: FAQ

CNN Financial Network

Dow Jones University

The Economist Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Business Startup 
(Wall Street Journal)



Everything International


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 Author:  Peter M. Shaw

Last Revision: May 17, 2009

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Fast Company Magazine

Federation of International Trade Associations

Federal Reserve

FedStats: One Stop Shopping For Fed Stats

Financial Times

Forbes Magazine

Foreign Government Resources On The Web

Fortune Magazine

Get Smart Borrower's Market

Global Edge (powerful resource for

international business info)

Governments On the World Wide Web

Human Resource Magazine

Industry Week Magazine

International Business Web Resource Site

International Monetary Fund

International Trade Administration

International Trade Center

Marketing: Creating Value for Customers















Motley Fools Financial Homepage

National Bureau of Economic Research

National Retail Federation

New York Stock Exchange

Small Business Centers

Small Business Journal

Smart Card Forum

U.S Census Bureau

US Chamber of Commerce

US Commerce Department's

US Counsel for International Business

US State Department's Background Notes

Women In International Trade

Wall Street Journal

World Currencies

World Stock Markets

World Trade Organization