Michael J. French Memorial Engineering Scholarship
Information for Potential Donors

The Michael J. French Memorial Engineering Scholarship Fund has been established to give financial assistance to excellent students pursuing careers in engineering through TCC’s Engineering program.   Since Michael’s passing many friends and family members have made generous contributions to the scholarship fund.  The TCC Engineering Club is also committed to raising funds each year for the scholarship.  One several occasions, members of the club have volunteered to work at King’s Dominion to raise money for the scholarship fund.  It is the hope of the TCC Engineering Club that local engineering firms will also contribute to the fund, honoring the memory of Michael French and recognizing the valuable educational opportunities at TCC for pursuing careers in engineering.  

Donations to the fund should be made payable to the:   TCC Educational Foundation (with a note indicating that they are for the Michael J. French Memorial Engineering Scholarship Fund). 
Donations are tax-deductible and the TCC Educational Foundation will provide receipts for all donations.
Donations should be mailed to:

TCC Educational Foundation

121 College Place, Suite 616

Norfolk, VA 23510

For more information on the TCC Educational Foundation, visit:  http://www.tcc.edu/donors/

If you have any questions about the scholarship fund, please feel free to contact Paul Gordy at 822-7175 or Mike and Norma French at 721-2992.   
Your support is greatly appreciated.