Objectives of the Seminar

The seminar is in flux. The Master Gardeners of Portsmouth, Chesapeake, and Suffolk visit on a periodic basis. If you are affiliated with them, merely come at their scheduled time. If you are not, call or email and set up at private viewing: 757-483-9055 or penglish@tcc.edu.

You don’t need a lot of space or money to create an oasis in your yard or home.  A small water feature can act as the focal point.  For an outdoor space, plant a Japanese Laceleaf Maple, a variegated Pittosporum, a Golden Hinoki Cypress, some Black Bamboo and a sprinkle of Mondo grass.  For an indoor space, arrange pots of Crotons with other colorful houseplants. The water feature itself can be positioned in the center of the space, or in any corner; there’s plenty of flexibility and the plant permutations are boundless.

I’ve made a bunch of mistakes.  For example, I can demonstrate the right and wrong way to position rocks and boulders. Ground covers like Mondo Grass, Lirope, Wheat Grass, Juniper, and Verbena help to squeeze out weeds over time, but you need to know what will work where.

I also have some Garden Mantras to share: Lawnmower Principle of Border Design;  Always Consider Drainage;  Go for a Layered Look; and others that we will cover in class.



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