Master of Arts (Economics); Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va. (1978)
 Master of Business Administration; Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va.  (1971)
 Bachelor of Science (BSBA); University of Richmond, Va. (1969)
 One Semester;  American Graduate School of International Management, Phoenix, Az.(1969)
14 Intensive Workshops on Human Relations Training (1973-1978)

Human Potential Seminars with James McHolland;  Life/Career Planning with John Crystal; Cognitive Style Mapping with Derek Nunney; Small Group Training with Eugene Watson;  Self Concept Development with Jack Canfield;  Values Clarification with Sid Simon;  Humanistic  Education with Alfred Alschuler;  The New Student with Pat Cross;  Reality Therapy Techniques with William Glasser;  Humanizing Education with Art Combs;  Awareness Through Movement with Moshe Feldenkrais. 
18 Graduate hours in Geography (1994-1996)
TCC summer seminars: Eastern Europe and Latin America
Recent Workshops: 
Writing Accross the Curriculum with Toby Fulwilder;  Participatory  Learning with David Johnson;  Edward Deming (the last before he died) on Quality; Geographic Information Systems training (Summer 2000).  Completed Arc View Basic and Advanced, Avenue, and Spatial Analyst from E.S.R.I.
Languages:  3 years Spanish; 2 years French; 1 year Japanese.  Not fluent (not even close)

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