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(Prpared slides with written permission from 
Carolina Biological Supply Co, Burlington, N. C. and 
Wards Scientific, Rochester, New York)

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[Pineal Body/Gland w/ "brain sand"(40x)] [Pineal Body/Gland w/ "brain sand"(100x)] [Pineal Body/Gland w/ "brain sand"(400x)] [Hypothalamus - Rat - Sagittal"(2x)] [Hypothalamus - Rat - Sagittal"(40x)] [Hypothalamus - Rat - Sagittal"(100x)] [Hypophysis: Adenohypophysis & Neurohypophysis (40x)] [Hypophysis: Adenohypophysis & Neurohypophysis (400x)] [Infundibulum (40x)] [Thyroid Gland (100x)] [Thyroid Gland (400x)] [Primate Parathyroid Gland (40x)] [Primate Parathyroid Gland (100x)] [Primate Parathyroid Gland (400x)] [Thymus - Human(40x)] [Thymus - Human(100x)] [Thymus - Human(400x)] [Pancreas(100x)] [Pancreas(400x)] [Diabetic Pancreas(100x)] [Human Adrenal Gland (40x)] [Human Adrenal Gland (100x)]