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The Great Dismal Swamp, Suffolk, Va 

664 to routes "13, 58, & 460 South West West"
- follow signs to Suffolk
- right on West 58  / South 13
- left on West 337 (Washington St)
- approx 2.3 miles then left on White Marsh Rd.

1.  another 0.7 mile then left on Jericho Ditch Lane (2 miles to car park)

2.  another 5.1 miles past Jericho Lane, then left on Washington Ditch Lane
    (1 mile to car park)

3.  another 6.0 miles pst Washington Ditch, then left on Desert Rd
     - for 1.8 miles.  Railroad Ditch lane is just past the headquarters office of the 
       Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, on left.  Park as far off the road 
       as possible to allow emergency vehicles to pass if necessary.  

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