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- Most safety concerns are common sense, ie, safe driving. But there are some special 
	concerns in this class which are noted below. This is not an exhaustive list. 
1. Vehicle safety. The same regards you should have in your personal vehicle apply here. 
2. Insects, snakes. If you are hyperallergic to insect bites, please let me know. 
	Always check yourself after a field trip for ticks and remove them immediately. 
	It is virtually certain that we will encounter venomous snakes. Always look 
	before you step! Local hospitals of any size carry anti-venom.  NEVER attempt 
	to capture or photograph any snakes we encounter.
3. Mushrooms. We will collect mushrooms. But never, never eat any mushrooms! 
4. Lightning. We will not have field trips if there is a possibility of lightning. 
5. Other health concerns. Inform me if you are epileptic or diabetic so we will 
	know how to deal with an emergency.
Supplies you need to bring
  1. binoculars (or a spotting scope)
  2. journal/field notes
  3. Clipboard
  4. insect repellant/sun protection
  5. Identification manuals/field guides
  6. field journal/notebook
  7. wear appropriate gear (boots, LONG pants)
(You are welcome to bring binoculars, camera, water/snack) REST ROOMS - usually, there are no such facilities in the field. It is advisable to use the facilites at home or school prior to departure. DO NOT WANDER OFF - believe it or not, you can easily get lost in the swamp. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING FROM THE SWAMP (plant, animal, or otherwise)

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