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[The Great Dismal Swamp National Refuge]
[Dismal Swamp Canal Visitors Center]
[U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service]
[The Great Dismal Swamp A History]
[Legends of the Great Dismal Swamp]
[The Great Dismal Swamp and George Washington]
[The Dismal Swamp Canal]
[Dismal Swamp Canal Visitor Center]
[Environmental Lab (Dismal Swamp Page)]
[The original Stockholders  (Dismal Swamp)]
[U.S. Route 17 –Great Dismal Swamp Corridor Study]
[William Byrd First Survey Report (dated 1729)]
[William Byrd—Description and Proposal  1728-1737]
[The Massey Adventure—Dismal Swamp Trip]
[Thomas Moore Ballad  (1779-1852)]
[U.S. Army Corps of Engineers]
[The Dismal Swamp Canal Mega Site]
[The Nature Conservancy's Dismal Swamp Site] 
[North American Migration Flyways] [Migratory Songbird Habitat in Virginia's Coastal Plain]

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