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Blackboard Accounts
"Blackboard" is an information system that allows professors to make the following available to students: - Grades for this class - Test, quizzes, projects, surveys, etc. found in "TOOLS/MYGRADES" - IF a little "pad-lock" shows up for a particular grade, it means: 1. You are still working on the assignment (Still in progress) 2. You did not succeed in submitting it. Let me know, we may have to delete and start over. - the total points to the right of the grade book are meaningless....I use averages, not points - Discussion Board (PLEASE keep your comments relative to course content - this IS NOT A CHAT LINE! - you can ask me questions, which the entire class can see - you can ask each other questions, which the entire class can see - Announcements - like class test averages, etc.
- Practice quiz 1 is due THE DAY BEFORE THE LAST DAY TO WITHDRAW W/ TUITION REFUND. The rest are due the DAY BEFORE lecture tests are administered. - Assignments - practice quizzes for lectures, (for online students, your tests and exams will be found here, but accessible only in the testing facility) - Course Documents - for, flash cards, etc. - access to your email accounts - YOU ARE ALL GIVEN GROUP-WISE EMAIL ACCOUNTS when you register for any class in the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). - THIS IS NOT THE SIS (Student Information System where you will find your transcripts, etc.) We'll talk about that next. - If you require assistance with your account, email, etc. call the HELP DESK at (757) 822-2457 - Bb requires you to use your GroupWise email ID (not your EmplID nor your social security number) To find out how to logon check out the MIDDLE LEFT OF TCC's home page and click on the "My TCC" - [TCC Home] Student Information System (SIS) "SIS" is the new Student Information System with which you can look up your official academic records, print out unofficial copies of your transcripts, check grades for courses you have completed, etc. SIS requires you to use your EmplID (Not your social security number OR GroupWise email ID) To find out how to logon check out the MIDDLE LEFT OF TCC's home page and click on the "SIS" - [TCC Home]

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