HUM 260 Online: Survey of Twentieth Century Culture, 3 credits


Michele A. Marits, Assistant Professor of English/Humanities,, 757.822.7050

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Course Description, Required Text, and Student Learning Objectives


Humanities 260 is a survey course that explores literature, visual arts, philosophy, music, architecture, and history of our time from an interdisciplinary perspective.


This course is an online, synchronous course; students may access the course from any location (including home) where Internet access is available. Therefore, reliable Internet/computer access is a requirement of this course. All official correspondence will be conducted using TCC Gmail email accounts. Students are required to adhere to posted due dates.


Required Text


Fiero, Gloria K. The Humanistic Tradition, Modernism, Postmodernism, and the Global Perspective, Book 6, Edition 7, ISBN 9781259352119

You may purchase the looseleaf print text or the eBook. If students purchase the eBook from the publisher, it should not cost more than $50.

McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing:
The text is also available at the TCC Barnes & Nobles Bookstore:

Student Learning Objectives


At the end of this course, students will be able to do the following:


1. Describe some important cultural, intellectual, and artistic developments of the last 100 years;

2. Explain and appraise the global interconnections and dimensions of these developments and exemplify the rich cultural diversity of our contemporary culture;

3. Identify, interpret, and assess some major contemporary works from a minimum of four distinct art forms -- taken from literature, performing arts, music, visual arts, architecture, photography, film, television and digital or cybernetic art.

4. Identify the elements of the basic art forms presented and the interrelationships of these art forms;

5. Analyze and evaluate these cultural, intellectual, and artistic works in their historical, social, political, and economic contexts;

6. Collaborate with peers to foster shared-inquiry and critical dialogue appropriate to the humanities and philosophy.




No prerequisites are required for this course. This class fulfills the requirement for a Humanities elective and can be used to satisfy an International Studies elective requirement. If this is the intention, students must notify the professor and select a research topic with an international focus.


Grading Scale: 93-100 points=A; 80-92=B; 70-79=C; 60-69=D; 59 and below=F




Plagiarism is the intentional or unintentional use of another personís ideas without proper documentation. Plagiarized assignments may result in a studentís failure. Documentation is required on papers turned in that are not original. MLA or APA Documentation Styles is acceptable. The Research Paper will be uploaded to SafeAssign, a plagiarism checker. This feature of Blackboard will be used mainly as a learning tool.


Disability Concerns


In accordance with TCC policy, students who wish to receive instructional accommodations because of a documented sensory and/or learning disability should first contact Disabilities Services.


Attendance/Participation Policy


This course will require active participation in the form of posting reactions and discussion of readings in the appropriate forums in Blackboard. By actively posting entries and responding to peers, students will gain valuable insight and perspectives about the people, events, and movements that shaped the 20th Century.