Greening the Community College

New Horizons Conference, April 9-11, 2008, Roanoke, Virginia

Gaia: The Greek Goddess of the Earth


Tom Ellis, Professor of English,, Tidewater Community College

Michele Marits, Professor of English,, Tidewater Community College

How will the global ecological crisis, and climate change in particular, affect the future of community colleges? How will it reshape the future of our students? And what should we, as community college faculty, administrators, and service personnel, be doing at our respective institutions to equip our students with the awareness, understanding, resilence, commitment, and skills to adapt to a potentially chaotic, rapidly-changing world in persistent crisis?

Teaching Strategies

Michele Marits' English 112 Online, Spring 2008

Tom Ellis' PowerPoint

Discussion: Reshaping the Core Curricula; Teaching Strategies

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