BIO 141 Lab


Cell: Anatomy and Division
Cell Model
Mitosis Model


Epithelial Tissues
Connective Tissues, Osteon Model
Muscle Tissues
Nervous Tissue


Integumentary System
Thin Skin (unlabeled pictures)
Thick Skin
Eccrine Sudoriferous (Sweat) Gland
Skin Model (unlabeled picture)


Skeletal System
Osteon Model
Long Bone Anatomy


Musclular System  
SOMSO Head and Neck Model - Right and Left Halves (unlabeled pictures)
SOMSO Model - Head and Neck with Muscles and Nerves (unlabeled pictures)
SOMSO Model - Arm (unlabeled pictures)
SOMSO Model - Leg (unlabeled pictures)
3B Model - Leg (unlabeled pictures)
SOMSO Model -Torso (unlabeled pictures)
Small Torso Model (unlabeled pictures)
CBS - Bobbit Laboratories Model - Lone-Old Torso (unlabeled pictures)
Abdomen and Deep Muscles of the Thorax (unlabeled pictures)


Nervous System  
Neuron (unlabeled pictures)
Half Brain Models - External Brain Structures/Cranial Nerves (unlabeled pictures)
Half Brain Models - Internal Structures of the Brain (unlabeled pictures)
Brain Stem Model - External Brain Structures/Cranial Nerves (unlabeled pictures)
Basal Nuclei/15-Part Brain Model (unlabeled pictures)
Cerebellum (unlabeled pictures)
Ventricles/CSF (unlabeled pictures)
Spinal Cord (unlabeled pictures)
Plexuses and Nerves (unlabeled pictures)



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