Navigating pages

Throughout the course you will see the following: "Click for the nest page," at the bottom of each page. When it is highlighted it directs you to point your cursor over the phrase and double click your left mouse button to advance to the next page. Look below at the highlighted link. Double-click the link to continue the course introduction. I'll meet you on the next page.

Welcome to class . . .

Welcome to class! It is a pleasure to introduce you to American History Survey I online, and to wish you the greatest success. The course has been an outstanding success for over a over a decade. Beginning last fall we made a significant departure with the "zero textbook" approach, where you are not required to purchase a textbook. It is a concept gaining momentum across the country. Just think, eliminating authors and publisher profit from your education experience. What a great idea! Now, if only we can eliminate profit from all capitalist enterprises. Wait, I didn't say that!

In this course you will be following my guidance to various internet resources and I will be creating new resources for free, rather than relying on high quality publisher materials. We will navigate this new post-capitalist world together and learn together.

It is important to remember that while you save money with this approach there is more work involved for you and me. This is a joint undertaking. It requires greater work from all of us, but it same you money, and that is the idea.

There are a series of questions incorporated into this class orientation that are required. If they are not completed, along with the first quiz, during the first week of class you will be removed from the class for neglecting to make satisfactory progress. That comment lets you know how important the orientation is for your success. The purpose of this orientation is your success. I am committed to your success.

There is a basic assumption that students who register for online classes have the knowledge and tools to navigate web pages, the "netiverse," and negotiate the pitfalls of technology. You must have a dependable computer and connection to the internet, understand how to navigate the web, regularly check your email and use Blackboard. There is also a "placement in ENG 111" as a prerequisite for this class. If you are uncertain of your ability to handle an online class contact me or an academic counselor immediately. This warning is critical to your success.

One point is very important for you to understand from the start: I want you to be a success in this class and in life. To me, success in this class is defined as your learning and receiving a good grade. The two go together. My goal is your success.

Online classes require discipline on your part, far more than traditional facility-based classes. For the first few weeks you will receive frequent emails as I attempt to guide the class along the path of the class. As the session progresses those messages will become less frequent. However, be confident that I am available to guide you through the marvelous story of the history of the United States of America.

Course orientation . . .

Follow the links below ("click for next page") for the course orientation. It is the training orientation that will instruct you on the policies and procedures of the class. I think of it as a brief, learning focused version of the official Course Syllabus which is is filled with details that many students find overwhelming, but it is required by the college.