Grading Rubrics

Essay Questions

Essay questions are graded on the basis of content (80%) and presentation (20%) of the value of the question.
The factors considered in judging content include: 

Content: 80%

Presentation: 20% 

Major criteria: Does the essay say something or just list facts?

Major criteria: Correct usage of Standard Written English (SWE)



Supporting points and data 


Major questions answered


Sufficiency of historical data 


 Accuracy of historical data 


Conclusion or Summation 


Identification Items

Identification questions or short answer questions ask the student to identify the significance of an item.  The answer should include the elements of identification (who, what, why, when, where, how) and a specific statement of significance.
Example: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (who) was an American (where) poet (what) of the 19th century (when) who wrote Paul Revere's Ride (how).  Longfellow is significant because he wrote about historical characters, making historical events into lyrical poems.


Participation in class is more than physical presence. Participation means making a meaningful contribution to discussions and course activities. Participation in online discussions means making meaningful and challenging contributions to an electronic discussion.

The participation grade will consists of an average derives from class attendance, participation in class discussions, and postings to discussion fora.

Note: The weight of the Participation grade is described in the Course Syllabus as 10% of the final grade.

Rubric for the Optional Paper

The course paper consists of a five-to-seven page study which examines a person of historical significance who lived during the period under study, a critical review of a book, or an analysis of material found on the Internet. A proposal for the paper must be submitted as shown in the course schedule.  An introductory paragraph and a draft are required later in the course.


Papers submitted early are eligible for a "free look," an unofficial grade. Papers are due as shown on the class schedule. Papers will not be accepted after the
last class. The paper is worth 25% of the final grade and is required to receive an "A" for the course.


Paper will be graded based on content (80%) and presentation (20%) in the same manner as essay questions..

December 24, 2001