Joe Joyner
Instructor of Mathematics
Thomas Moss, Jr. Campus
Norfolk, Virginia

Walker Building - Room 3233
(757) 822-1580
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Applied Calculus (Math 270) Online 

Instructor:  Mr. Joe Joyner    Email:  ; Phone:  822-1580 ; Office:  3233 ; Web Page: click here

The prerequisite for this course is Math 163 or Pre-Calculus I.   It is recommended that all students take the math placement test to see if they are adequately prepared for this course.
   You must be able to use email, to use the Internet to work with the course site and related sites, to print pages found on a web site and to download documents.

Compatibility:  If you are taking this course online because you do not have time to take the course on campus, then you probably do not have time to take the course online either.  Convenience of course, is a plus, but you should expect to spend the same amount of time on this course as you would spend in the lecture course, maybe more, depending on how well you work on your own. You may want to check out the survey in step 1 on the welcome page which is designed to help you decide whether or not your learning style is compatible with online instruction.

Orientation: Read the welcome page - click here.  The Course Information and Weekly Schedule can be accessed directly in the course Blackboard under the Course Information button.

Attendance Requirement:
You will be required to make two visits to campus for test taking.  The first time is for Test 2 (the midterm).  The second time is for the Final Exam.  Both will be held in Room 3202 in the Walker Building of TCC.  Test 1 and Test 3 will be taken online.  Please make arrangements now, if necessary, to be available during the on-campus days and times.   Unexcused absences will result in a grade of 0 and failure of the course.  Excused absences may make up the test by making arrangements with the Instructor.  If unable to find a time, the final exam grade will replace the missing grade.

Students who are at a great distance from campus are responsible to find a proctored location where someone of authority can administer their test and give them access to a computer with an internet connection.  Possible places are other community colleges, or libraries.   The name, address, phone number, and title of the proctor must be given to the Instructor in plenty of time for arrangements to be made to mail or fax the exam. 

Photo Requirement
: Please upload a photo of yourself, for identification purposes, to the discussion board by the end of the first week of class. 

Materials Needed For This Course

Internet Sites

The main Internet site used for the course is Blackboard.   TCC has been using Blackboard for several years.  I will assume that you know how to use Blackboard unless you indicate otherwise to me.  Blackboard can be easily accessed directly or via the TCC homepage ( ). 

Course Content:
The course covers Chapters 1 - 6.

Grading System

For a grade of A, you will need to earn 90-100%.
For a grade of B, you will need to earn 80-89%
For a grade of C, you will need to earn 70-79%.
For a grade of D, you will need to earn 60-69%.

Tests and Other Grades

Makeup test policy: If you miss the due date for an online test, you will need to provide and possibly document a legitimate reason for why you missed the deadline.  It is your responsibility to email and call  your Instructor leaving a message, if necessary, to let your intentions be known.    Your 3 tests will be your review for your final exam and should not be skipped.    Missed tests will count as a grade of 0.   Test 2 is a face-to-face test and must be taken on campus or in an approved, proctored location.  If you cannot make the date we have chosen, you may email or call your Instructor to try to make other arrangements at a mutually agreed upon time. "I" grades will NOT be given unless you are passing the course but are unable due to emergency situation to attend the final exam.

Group Assignment
The Group Assignment will be announced around midterm.  The groups will be created in Blackboard.  To enter your group, click on the Groups button in Blackboard and then on the underlined group name.  Once in your group area, you have access to various modes of communication: Discussion Board, Virtual Classroom, File Exchange. 

Directions for Homework and Online Homework

Extra Credit: Discussion Board - 10 posting of a valid math nature - Questions or Answers to Questions - each worth 10 points for a maximum of 100 points.  Extra credit is 2% of your earned points.   At least five entries must be made before Test 2 and at least five more must be made before the Final Exam.  You certainly may ask more questions than this, if needed, to understand the material. If you feel that you know the material well and do not need to ask questions, try to answer questions posted by others in the class

Progress:  Since this is an online course, there is a self-paced element to the course.  For the three tests, you will need to be up-to-date in the course material in order to expect to do well on each test.  If your Instructor determines that you are not sufficiently engaged in the course, you will be warned, and if there is still no evidence of sufficient progress, you will be withdrawn from the course.  Evidence will consist of, but is not limited to, quizzes completed on Blackboard, Discussion Board entries, online homework, emails to the  Instructor. 


If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability or illness, please provide your Instructor with the Letter of Accommodation you receive from the Disability Services Office located on the Norfolk campus in Room 1106 (Andrews Building).