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Norfolk, Virginia

Walker Building - Room 3233
(757) 822-1580
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Math 04 (Online) Course Outline
Tidewater Community College
This schedule is subject to change before the beginning of class, so please print a new copy after classes begin.

  Intermediate Algebra Online Instructors:

  Dr. Julia Arnold; Office 3223; Phone:  822-1323;  Email:

  Mr. Al Thompson; Office 1309; Phone: 822-1258; email:

  Mr. Joe Joyner; Office 3233; Phone:  822-1580; email:

  Ms. Judy McKaig; Office 3224; Phone: 822-1326; email:

  Mr. Richard Gill; Office 1310; Phone: 822-1263; email:

           Address:  Tidewater Community College;  300 Granby St.; Norfolk, VA 23510

    Attendance and Photo requirements:


                 B)  You will need the Microsoft Office suite (Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point) with Equation Editor installed.  If you have a copy of Microsoft Office and
                   cannot find Microsoft Equation Editor under Insert/Object, you will have to install/reinstall it.
  To see if you have this software, go to Course Information/Test Files in
                   Blackboard and click on each link.  If you can open and view each test file, then you have the necessary software.  If you cannot open or view a test file, then you need to
                   either by/install the software, download the FREE viewer application software from the Microsoft Download Center, or rethink whether or not to take this course.

                       Microsoft Word Viewer: Download Now
                       Microsoft Excel Viewer: Download Now
                       Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer : Download Now

                    Test Files in Course Information/Test Files folder:

                    Microsoft Word (with Equation Editor): Test file is Word Test File.doc
                    Microsoft Excel:  Test file is Biker.xls
                              Microsoft Power Point:
  Test file is Money.ppt        Purchasing Textbook & CD
           The Norfolk campus bookstore is the only bookstore from which you can purchase the site license required for this course.  Do not purchase the traditional book
       from the bookstore!
Make sure that you let the bookstore know that you are taking the online version of Math 04.  If you have already purchased the traditional text, take
           the book and your receipt or class schedule back to the bookstore and use it to purchase your site license for this class.
   The site license is non-refundable.  Since you are
           purchasing a site license, your books cannot be bought back by the bookstore. 
You will get your book, the Personal Academic Notebook (PAN),  and the CD software you
           need for this Internet-based class by bringing your site license to Room 3205.  After filling out and signing your license in pencil, the Math Lab assistant will exchange it for
           your PAN with CD's.   Check to see that everything is contained in your PAN and that your CD's are working properly. 

Grading Scale

S (Successful) = 75% or better proficiency
R (re-enroll) = 74% - 0% proficiency
U (Unsatisfactory) = Failure to complete the class or below 15 hours of logged computer time.
W (Withdrawal) - You can withdraw yourself by the college's withdrawal date that is located in your course schedule book.  Your Instructor can also withdraw you.  After 60% of a course is completed, an Instructor-initiated withdrawal will result in a grade of U except under mitigating circumstances.

Grades:  Your grade for this course will be derived from five sources:
Evaluates/Quizzes   - 30%
Group Assignments  -  15%
Participation in Group Discussion Board - 5%
Two Cumulative tests - 15% each
Final Exam  - 20%
Total  - 100%
A grade of Incomplete cannot be given for developmental classes.

If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability or illness, please provide your Instructor with the Letter of Accommodation you have received from Disability Services located on the Norfolk campus in Room 1106.

      Mailing of Grades
         With the implementation of the Student Information System (SIS), grades are no longer mailed by the college.  You can access you grades via SIS after the end of the semester.

        Overall Objectives
        All students passing this course should be able to:

           Perform algebraic operations with polynomials, factor polynomials and solve polynomial problems;
       Solve equations and absolute value inequality problems;
        Solve linear systems;
       Solve mixture, rate, and work problems.;
        Solve linear inequality systems by graphing;
        Perform operations with rational expressions, radical expressions and rational exponent expressions;
        Solve quadratic expressions by factoring, completing the square, and the quadratic formula;
        Perform operations with complex numbers and solve quadratic expressions with complex roots;
        Understand the concept of a function, graph functions, perform operations with functions and work with
              inverse functions;
        Perform operations with exponential and logarithmic functions;
        Perform operations using the propertied of logarithms, and be able to solve exponential and logarithmic
      Use the internet to find real-world uses of Algebra II.