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Aristotle and Ancient Philosophy, Kant and Enlightenment Philosophy, Metaphysics


Ethics (Theoretical and Applied), Logic (Formal and Critical Thinking), Medieval Philosophy, Philosophies of Religion and Psychology, Classical Greek Culture

Competence in design and implementation of databases and CAL programs in Philosophy, and online teaching.


Tidewater Community College , Virginia Beach VA (Adjunct) Professor (2009 - current)

Current Teaching Responsibilities: (Spring 2014)

Philosophy 101: Introductory Philosophy (See Blackboard)
Philosophy 220: Ethics (Virginia Beach) (See Blackboard)

Previous Teaching Responsibilities: (TCC)

Philosophy 226: Social Ethics (Virginia Beach) (See Blackboard) See "Current"

Illinois State University Normal, IL Assistant Professor (1998 - 2002; 2012-current)

Current Teaching Responsibilities: See


Doctor of Philosophy [Philosophy], University of Edinburgh, Scotland 1997. Dissertation: "Aristotle's Use of 'Genus' in Metaphysics, Logic and Science" Supervisors: Prof. T. C. Scaltsas, Dr. P. Crivelli and Mr. W. Charlton.

Master of Arts [Philosophy], University of Waterloo, Canada, 1989. Thesis: "Kantian Objectivity: Connecting the Dots". Supervisor: Dr. R. A. George.

Bachelor of Arts [Honours Philosophy], University of Waterloo, Canada, 1987. Thesis: "William James and the Will to Believe". Supervisor: Dr. B. Suits


1) Philosophy Instructor

Christopher Newport University, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies 2002-2009

Teaching Responsibilities:

Philosophy 101: Critical Thinking, Honors (S 2008) and the Lifelong Learning Society 2009
Philosophy 201: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
Philosophy 202: Modern Philosophy (S 2009)
Philosophy 304: Ethics and Current Value Questions (S 2004)
Philosophy 383: Applied Social Ethics (S 2008)Philosophy 451: Socrates (F 2004)
Philosophy 451: Socrates (S 2004)
Philosophy 451: Aristotle (S 2006)
Philosophy and the Golden Rule (For the Lifelong Learning Society 2003)
Socrates (For the Lifelong Learning Society 2004)
Aristotle (For the Lifelong Learning Society 2006)
Philosophy of Religion (For the Lifelong Learning Society 2007)
Key Concepts in Critical Thinking (For the Lifelong Learning Society 2009)
(Those from Illinois State and Edinburgh available by request)

University of Edinburgh Tutor, Edinburgh, Scotland 1992 - 1997

Renison College of the University of Waterloo. Teaching Assistant, Waterloo ON 1991

Wilfrid Laurier University Teaching Assistant, Waterloo ON 1991

University of Waterloo Teaching Assistant, Waterloo ON 1987 - 1988

2) Research Fellow Project Archelogos , Edinburgh 1994 - 1997

Project Archelogos is a database of Ancient Philosophy using hyper-technology to link Greek and English texts, logical analyses of the arguments and alternative interpretations. LogAnalysis is a multimedia version of the same materials plus items of interest to a non-technical audience, for use in high school and undergraduate teaching.

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