Assistant Professor of Psychology, Tidewater Community College
    Fall and Spring semesters teach six classes of Psychology including face to face and on-line distance learning. Teach four classes in the Summer. Student motivation is emphasized. The pace is fast but reasonable. Learning is taken very seriously and homework is a necessity if a good grade is desired. Fun and humor season the classes to retain each student toward the goal of finishing class by taking a comprehensive final exam. My administrative duties include coordinating faculty assignments in Psychology, Sociology, Child Development, Religion, Philosophy and Education. My major research interest lies in how to improve student learning and motivation. 
  Innovative classroom techniques include:
Psychodrama. During the last unit of the course, students role play as psychiatrists to "treat" fictional clients who have real-life problems. Students must use what they have learned to examine psychological problems from eight different psychological perspectives. An heuristic treatment plan, which includes diagnosis, therapy recommendations, and follow-ups, is generated by each student to serve his or her clients' individual needs. This is a powerful, transforming exercise for the students, who are excited and enthusiastic to use the knowledge they have spent a semester learning, and for me, to see the results of my instruction.
The Wall of Psychology, a supplemental instruction aid. The back wall of my classroom is used as a dynamic, growing "bulletin board" to facilitate the flow of information. The Wall contains study guides, postings of newspaper and journal articles, and information from student projects. I post information for students, and they post information for each other and me that is relevant to current class topics. The Wall is used as a direct link between the students and me. It also promotes accessibility of information, as it is available to students during non-class hours.
Tutorials. Created and implemented a system of instructor-led, student-driven tutorials. Tutorials differ from regular class because students direct the tutorials by bringing questions for clarification and discussion. It has become a critical part of my teaching by directly linking individual students to the information and to me; it also dramatically increases test scores.
Instructor-created Student Study Guides. Study Guides aid students in preparation for examinations. This allows specialization and flexability so that I can tailor the Study Guides to the needs of an individual class. It also provides for inclusion of the very latest scientific theories and research findings.
First Master of Arts in Educational Psychology, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Bachelor of Arts in Biology, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia

Post Graduate Classes taken at:

  • University of Hawaii
  • Appalachian State University, NC
  • Fayetteville State University, NC

  2012 - Presented workshop on Student Engagement at the TCC-Norfolk "CLASS" convocation.
  2011 - Awarded Teaching Faculty for the Year at TCC-Norfolk campus.
  2010 - Awarded "Adjunct Faculty of the Year" in the Science/Psychology area at Old Dominion University.
  2008 - Psychology Department welcomes Dr. Lara Tedrow as full time Psychology instructor.
2006 - Dr. Philip Zimbardo visited TCC-Norfolk campus. I hosted.
  2005 - Presenter, "LUCAS - A Learning System", Regional Conference, American Psychological Association, New York
  2005 - Presenter, "Teaching Diverse Students", Virginia Developmental Studies Conference, Virginia Beach, VA
2005 - Reviewer for Best Selling PSY 201 Text in U.S.
2005 - Presenter, APA Regional Meeting, New York
2004 - Academic Dean Award, for Outstanding Teaching, TCC, Norfolk
  2004 - Presenter, "Instructional Techniques", TCC college-wide, Adjunct Faculty Development Seminar
2003 - Presenter at Regional APA meeting, Atlanta, Georgia
2002-2003 - Recognized both years as Outstanding Teacher, TCC, Norfolk
Master of Arts in Educational Psychology
Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Bachelor of Arts in Biology, minor in English
West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia
P R O F E S S I O N A L    A C H I E V E M E N TS
Voted Co-Teacher of the Year on the Thomas Moss, Norfolk campus of Tidewater Community College, by the Student Government Association. (Tied with Associate Professor of History, David Neff).
Attended "Lessons in Leadership" workshop by best-selling author and internationally renowned leadership expert Dr. Stephen Covey, Winston-Salem, NC.
Selected by faculty colleagues as First Union Teacher of the Year for Sandhills Community College. Competed to earn recognition as one of the top 5 instructors in the state of North Carolina's 55 community colleges.
1998 to 2005
Named by students five times to "Who's Who in American Teaching".
"Classroom Teaching of Psychology," presenter, Curriculum improvement Program, North Carolina Community College Instructor's Conference, Greensboro, NC.
"Integrative Team Teaching," presenter, National Integrative Instruction Conference, Boone, NC.
"Psychodrama in the Classroom," presenter, American Psychological Association Conference, Ellenville, NY.
1971 - 1988
Counselor in leading student services community college counseling center, North Carolina.